Sitemap Lineage Meditation Revealing Secret Goddess Resources

Chapter II

Effect and Cause

The Ascendant Player, the Highest Cause is glorified by [its] Effect. He [the Ascendant Player] says that That [the Highest Cause] is of all powerful will.

Because of this the inauspicious turns out to be the auspicious. Also, the opposite of the inauspicious is righteous behaviour.

Therefore, He [the Highest Cause] should be worshipped by both ways, [that is] as the Gods and ancestors are worshipped [because] both Gods and ancestors are [included] in the Cause.

[One] should not be too delighted on attaining powers [as a result of] the frequent practice [of making the] ultimate sacrificial gift and penance [and thus] attaining greatness.

From suffering the penance again and again, [one is] led to the Highest State; therefore, one should be devoted only to That- Which-Is-Auspicious.

[Because all this is true, one should] mentally repeat this prayer:

I worshipfully surrender myself to the Ascendant Player,

the Highest Being,

the ability to know others;

I worshipfully surrender myself to the Dissolver,

to the Ability to be connected,

the Ability to suspend the Power of things,

the Controller of all beings;

I worshipfully surrender myself to the Ability

to be conscious or not.