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Swami Kripalvananda

Swami Kripalvananda devoted his entire life to the determined quest for truth and liberation maintaining ten hours a day practicing Natural Yoga while keeping silence for the last eighteen years of his life. Having mastered all previous stages of yoga, he finally reached the highest transcendental state of nirvikalpa samadhi. Through his progress in Natural Yoga he rediscovered the ancient eight fold path of yoga. He restored Kayavarohana, the ancient center of Indian civilization, as a center of yogic study and pilgrimage constructing there a temple according to yogic principles. This temple preserves the Jyotirlingam, the holy statue of Lord Lakulisha. Swami Kripalvananda's book Asana and Mudra is an encyclopedia of yoga. The Science of Meditation thoroughly describes the exact stages and processes of meditation. In Revealing the Secret he maps out the hidden experiential path of the mystics for today's seekers on the path of yoga.

Other writings of Swami Kripalvananda available for download are the Kripalupanishad, Birthday Discourse, Sadhak's Companion, and Yoga and Celibacy.e

Swami Kripalvananda referred to himself as a a pilgrim on the path love. Early in his life he was a great lover of detective novels and at seventeen, he wrote a novel of his own. He loved cows dearly and gave each cow a different name. When he called a particular cow by name, she would come to him.

His love was universal. He had a great love for God and for all of us. He said:

"Thoughts and actions filled with love create love in others. When you look at me with love in your eyes, you create balance. Understand the power of your love. Where ever you direct your loving glance, it brings someone into balance and peace." p. 98 Pilgrim of Love

Every living being is a stream of love. Let us allow someone to taste our love, and let us taste someone else's love. Love flowing in another's life is the source of our happiness, and the love flowing in our own life is the source of another's happiness. Thus the key to our heart lies hidden in the heart of another." p. 72 Sayings of Swami Kripalu

Love is the only universal language and worldwide religion. Whether the scripture you hold in your hand is the Vedas, the Bible or the Koran, it is trivial without love. Love is God's only envoy, everyone's well-wisher, and the only guide on the truepath. p. 73 Sayings of Swami Kripalu

From 1935 to 1940 Swami Kripalvananda ran a music school in Maninagar, a suburb of Ahmedabad, and wrote a definitive three-volume work on music which earned him the title of Master of Music. He published more than fifty articles on music and his work was considered revolutionary in the world of Indian music. He played the tamboura and harmonium so skillfully that he could have been a concertmaster. After he took his vow of renunciation (sannyasa), he no longer focused on music. But when he experienced the emergence of divine sound (anahat nad) in his Natural Yoga practice, his love for music was rekindled. Through his research and practice, he realized a deep connection between anahat nad and Indian classical music.

For further details about Swami Kripalvananda's life see Pilgrim of Love by Atma Jo Ann Levitt.
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Further reading: A Sunrise of Joy, From the Heart of the Lotus and The Swami Kripalu Reader compiled and edited by John Mundahl

Bapuji Painting
(Swami Kripalvananda) by Amrit Desai


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