Sitemap Lineage Meditation Revealing Secret Goddess Resources

Chapter IV

The Abandoment of Pride

Hidden learning brings about an [endless] burning infinity.

By discrimination one should keep one’s practices secret, conceal one’s wisdom, [and] hide all means.

[One should] wander about like a mindless one among the people, eating only food prepared by others.

Other people will think one is a mindless fool.

The abandonment of pride is said to be the best of all actions.

[Said another way], the god of the organs of action and sense was the first to practice this way of mastering illusion among the unbelievers. [As a result] he received the good actions of those others whether or not those actions had been done along with prayers. He did this by correctly-done false impressions.

Since such insults amount to praise, one should wander about being insulted.
Such a one is one of praiseworthy acts.

This is the best of all paths, this is a true path, other paths are false paths; because, by this path, [one] goes to sameness with the Cause. No Truth-Lover [who follows this path] returns [to the world of illusion].

[Because all this is true, one should] repeat this prayer:

I want to know the Omniscient and Omnipotent;

I embrace that Great Power;

Let the Cause unite me with That.