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Chapter V

The Detached Yogini

The Cause divinely says:
The detached yogini has her soul constantly united [with God]. Because of having conquered her senses, she [realizes she] is unborn, [becomes equally] friendly [toward everyone and everything] and acquires the ability to be detached.

[The yogini must live in an empty house or cave, constantly in [with] God,with her senses conquered.

Within six months of constantly being united [with God],
gradually the powers begin to work.

Alms which come into the bowl, [even] meat with salt, should be eaten. If there is not enough food, drink pure water.

The yogini should live as a cow or deer [live, and will thus] be purified as if washed by water.

The accomplished yogini is not entangled with action or sin.

The yogini should mentally repeat “That” and “The Original, Existent One” while withdrawing her soul from all objects.
This begins the process of uniting [with God].

[After that] the yogini should meditate only on “OM,” holding OM in her heart [her sense of self, the soul]. OM is the power to act, the power of knowledge, the essence of ability. OM [is] beyond speech [sound], and is the essence of all ability.

She, who has acquired merit, resides in a cremation ground, lives on whatever is offered to her, without asking for it and, as a result, attains union with the Cause.

[A yogini] should continually remember the Cause [and so] by discrimination cut the connection between the network of causes [the mind] and defective [impure] action.

The [resulting] perfected mind is kept pervading the Cause [and as a result the yogini] becomes one who is free from fear, stable and without goal oriented thoughts.

The yogini who does not slip [from this state eventually]
gets to the end of misery by the grace of the Essence.

[Because all this is true, one should] mentally repeat this prayer:

He is the Master of all learning,

the Master of all beings,

the Essence of all creation;

Let me attain the Beneficent,