Sitemap Lineage Meditation Revealing Secret Goddess Resources

Chapter III

The Secondary Technique of Being Insulted

[One will be] of unmanifested marks; [but] of manifested practices.

Insulted by all people, [one should] wander about letting one’s self be assaulted [and thereby get] all [of one’s] sin destroyed.

Because others abuse one, they acquire sin and one receives their merit.

[Because this happens] one should wander about like an unkempt person; or let others believe one is asleep; or act like one is wooing; [and] things like these.

[One should also] speak nonsensically, so that one may be assaulted.

[One should] continue in these ways until, [being] assaulted enough, one becomes one who has performed enough penances and [thus] becomes learned.

[Because all this is true, one should] mentally repeat this prayer:

To the unterrible and terrible forms of God:

To the illusion causing forms of God:

To All Form, the immeasurable and uncounted which produce bodies,

Let my worshipful surrender reach.