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Chapter I

The Technique of Mastering Illusion

[Since it has been asked how the permanent end of pain may be achieved,] therefore we shall now explain what the One-Who-Has-Mastered Illusion means by the teaching that the way is through union of the individual soul with God.[One must) bathe with sacred ashes three times a day, rest in in sacred ashes and re-bathe [with sacred ashes].[One should wear] a garland [of flowers], [be a] bearer of the mark, [and be a] resident in a sacred place.[One should] worship by laughter, songs, dance, sounds of “dun-dun,” surrender, repetition, and sacrifice.[Do all these things while] on the right side of the image of the Great Player.

Have only one cloth or [go without] any cloth.Do not look at or [mentally dwell on] feces or urine; nor talk with a woman [man] who is of the worker-servant class. If [one does] see such or talk with such, by touching, exercising breath control, and mentally repeating the prayer of light addressed to the Cause or All Form, one becomes the one whose mind is free from sin.By doing the above, one attains union with God. One also attains the powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience, instant thinking and knowledge. [One becomes] omniscient, impotent, [one who can] assume any form one desires, [one who can] interact without a body; [that is, one becomes] Pure Ability.All Beings and things become subject to one's control, and one is not subject to being controlled by them. One can overpower any being and one cannot be overpowered by them. One can kill any being, and one cannot be killed by them. [One becomes] fearless, indestructible, without old age, [and] without death.The Great Essence does not obstruct such a one in any of such a one's desires. Being equipped with all these qualities, one becomes the Great Overcomer of Obstacles.
[Because all this is true, one should] mentally repeat this prayer:

I, [having had enough of not having the following qualities], am moving toward

The Eternal, the Uncreated;

I surrender my 'soul' to

The Existent, to the Original One;

Who exists as all this and not as other than this;

Please save me,

O Power to Act!