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Newly edited Asana and Mudra Text 02/24/2014

Tolasana or Tulitasana (Measuring Posture), Ch.63

Newly editedAsana and Mudra Text 01/28/2013
Asana and Mudra, Yoga Therapy, Chs. 132-134

Photographs and Additional Text

Asana and Mudra 2006
Photographs and Additional Text


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Asana and Mudra Text 02/24/2014

Tolasana or Tulitasana (Measuring Posture), Ch.63

Asana and Mudra Text 01/28/201

Asana and Mudra, Yoga Therapy, Chs. 132-134

These three chapters on yoga therapy at the end of Asana and Mudra are the product of Kripalu's treatment of the diseases of his disciples. These are his words from his foreword to Asana and Mudra:

When I started writing this book, I discovered that I would need to experiment with the treatment of disease, so that this exposition would be based on fact rather than my imagination. When I started treating sick people, disciples from far and near clamored for attention. Patients suffering from tuberculosis, asthma, leukoderma, loss of appetite, diabetes, paralysis, and hysteria flocked about me. Accepting them as inevitable, I treated them... I am confident that the yogic cures presented in this book will provide humanity with perfect mental and physical health.

Asana and Mudra Text 08/25/2006


Asana and Mudra Photographs of Asanas 1-10

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