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Lord Lakulisha

28th Incarnation of Lord Shiva
Brahmeshwara Temple, Kayavarohana,
Gujarat, India

The Foundation for Natural Meditation makes available to the public an online resource guide in Natural Yoga, world scripture, and transformation of the Self. It seeks to provide minimal sustenance for those dedicated to a life of Natural Yoga as taught by authentic lineages of ancient masters. It translates little-known world scripture into English and maintains a library of world scripture. It actively pursues and promotes the realization of the union of art, science and religion as the basis of an evolutionary world culture. It promotes pilgrimages to sacred sites of all religions and faiths. It honors the feminine principle in yoga called shakti, the all-pervading energy of the universe. It honors all great spiritual masters and teachers. The members seek to elevate world consciousness and foster spiritual understanding among all peoples by living in the direct personal experience of God.


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