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Yogeshwar Muni

A tribute to Yogeshwar Muni who left his body on 24 June 2007.

Yogeshwar Muni (Charles Berner) began his study of science, metaphysics and scripture as a child. In his quest for the truth he visited many spiritual teachers and experimented with many spiritual growth paths. He created the Institute of Ability, Mind Clearing Programs, and the Enlightenment Intensive, a process that is used today world-wide to seek the truth by conscious, direct knowledge. In 1973 after twenty five years of searching, he met Swami Kripalvananda while on a pilgrimage to India and received shaktipat initiation from him. In due course, Swami Kripalvananda bestowed upon him the highest yogic teachings and initiations. Yogeshwar Muni has kept up a rigorous schedule of Natural Yoga practice of eight hours a day since his initiation as well as teaching his own students. He has taught and written extensively on Natural Yoga and yogic scripture. In recent years, he developed the Lila Paradigm from his conscious, direct knowledge of the Truth underlying the fundamental principles of the universe. He is responsible for the carefully rendered English edition of Yogacharya Kripalvananda's Revealing the Secret, Commentary on The Small Burning Lamp of Sun-Moon Yoga, thus giving serious aspirants who are not familiar with the traditional cultures of ancient and modern India access to the esoteric realm of Sun-Moon Yoga.

Yogeshwar Muni left his body (his Maja Samadhi) at 3:12 am on Sunday 24 June 2007. He was at home in Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia surrounded by his close devotees. His memorial service is 3 July 2007 at the Clavering Park Memorial Gardens and Crematorium chapel in Wolumla, NSW, Australia. His ashes will rest in a shrine created for the purpose of yogic inspiration on Mumbulla Creek Rd in Tanja, NSW, Australia.

Flaxley, South Australia

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