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¿Qué es yoga natural?

El yoga es indestructible
Transmitir la energía divina de yoga
¿Qué sucede en la meditación?
Los ocho pasos de yoga
La meta de Yoga Natural
Las dos etapas de la Meditación Natural
La Naturaleza de Ecuanimidad Libre de Comparación

¿Qué es yoga natural?
La Meditación Natural o la Meditación de la Rendición se llama Sahaja Yoga en el Sánscrito. Traducido, significa la unión natural. Este gran obsequio dado por Dios y la tradición de él personifican el esfuerzo innato y último de la humanidad para todo lo bueno y puro; revela un sendero tan natural como respirar. Le dirige al aspirante a la unión con Dios, la unión con la pura Verdad y la unión con el Amor Divino.

The dedicated truth-seeker realizes freedom from the bonds of death and secures his/her immortal birthright. Patanjali’s definition of yoga in the Yoga Sutras is “the cessation of modifications in the mind.” Such a significant and potent process is safeguarded and passed on through authentic lineages of masters, from guru to disciple.

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Yoga is indestructible
Surrender yoga is unfathomably ancient, predating historical records. In the first verse of the fourth chapter of the Holy Bhagavad Gita, Reverend Lord Dark Moon (Krishnachandra), the first teacher of yoga, says:

“ I taught this indestructible yoga to the Sun in the beginning of creation. The Sun taught it to his son, First Man, and he taught it to his son, Ikshvaku (the first king of the solar dynasty).” from Revealing the Secret p.5

Indian sages have known yoga from time immemorial. It has been tested over the centuries by the great yogis and yoginis who have attained the divine body.

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How is the divine energy of yoga transmitted?
Yoga is transmitted from guru to disciple, by the choice to surrender, by the act of love. He/She leads the disciple from the darkness of illusion into the light of the Absolute Truth. Surrender is the ultimate giving that brings the most profound bliss and the "Peace that Passes all Understanding."

Shakti (Divine Power) is transmitted by guru to a worthy aspirant in an initiation called Shakti-Pat. The aspirant surrenders to God, to the Absolute Truth or to Divine Love depending on his or her natural preference or orientation.

All three are different ways of viewing the Absolute. An action oriented person surrenders to God, a knowledge oriented person surrenders to the Absolute Truth and a devotional person surrenders to Divine Love.

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What happens in meditation?
Once the aspirant says his/her prayer to the divine and surrenders to that which is divine to him/her, the process of Natural Meditation takes place spontaneously. There is no willful technique or required posture. Willful hatha yoga postures originated from observing yogis in the state of surrender. In Surrender Meditation, yoga asanas (postures) occur spontaneously according to the individual aspirant.

Meditation proceeds in stages over time. Initially the body, mind and feelings begin purifying and the body goes into spontaneous asanas (postures) and the life energy becomes restrained and elevated. When the attention withdraws from the senses, the aspirant goes into deep concentration. With continued meditation, concentration turns into deep meditation and finally becomes equanimity or union with God.

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The eight steps (ladder) of yoga
Patanjali outlines 8 steps of yoga in the Yoga Sutras:

1. Restraints
2. Observances
3. Postures
4. Suspension of the life energy
5.Withdrawal of the senses from their objects
6. Concentration
7. Meditation
8. Equanimity

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Surrender to the divine relinquishes control over the body. The aspirant considers:

“This body is not mine; I am not the body. Let the body do anything, I am not bound to it in any way.”

When God is acknowledged as the doer of all thoughts and acts, then action is considered non-action, the action of nature, or natural action. In non-action, the mental faculty has no control over the body. But there is bodily movement by means of the activity of the life energy (prana). In the state of sleep, for example, there is nothing but the activity of the life energy. And in deep meditation, there is nothing but the activity of the life energy. Once the state of non-action in action becomes stable, the arousal of the life energy will occur.

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The process of meditation unfolds in accordance with:

1. the degree of surrender of the aspirant
2. the previous work the aspirant has done in this life and others
3. the wisdom of the spiritual teacher

By correctly practicing the path of Natural Meditation, the evolutionary force is awakened in her full, terrible, and unendurable form. Divine union is the ultimate outcome of Natural Meditation, a complete and permanent transformation of one’s human nature.

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The goal of Natural Yoga
The goal of the aspirant in Natural Yoga is the cessation of all mental tendencies and liberation. The mental faculty, the entire mental complex, which produces every type of thought or mental image, is the means of bondage and the life energy is the means of liberation.

Yoga means "to yoke together," or "union." The Hathayoga Pradipika speaks clearly on the subject:

“The various energy seals should be practiced to awaken the powerful Goddess Kundalini, who sleeps at the mouth of the very-kind-flow energy channel.”

“The sun (the uptending life energy) and moon (the downtending life energy) leave the two energy channels, the cooling flow and the fiery flow, and unite with the fire (the evolutionary force in the very kind flow energy channel); this definitely leads to immortality.”

“By its constant practice, the uptending life energy and the downtending life energy unite.”

“When the downtending life energy and the uptending life energy join with the fire (the evolutionary force), which is by nature hot, then the heat of the body is greatly intensified.”

In the Prashna Upanishad, it says, “This life energy burns like the Fire, it is the Sun….’the worship of the life energy is the best worship. It is the Sun and also the Fire. It upholds all plains of existence. The entire universe consists of the life energy.

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The two stages of Natural Meditation
There are two stages in Natural Meditation:

1. Sun-Moon (Ha-tha) Yoga accomplishes a thorough cleansing of the body and mind as repeated action (meditation) is performed from a desireless state with no expectation of reward or the “fruits” of one’s actions. Yoga or "union," is the meeting of the warming (sun) and the cooling (moon) life energy functions in the body.

2. Royal (Raja) Yoga accomplishes the non-sprouting (suspension, stabilization) of all the tendencies of the mental faculty. Suspension of the life energy is the fourth step of yoga. The evolutionary force begins its work after the fifth step, withdrawal of the senses. The arousal of the life energy is the door to Royal Yoga.

There are two stages of equanimity in the eighth step. The first stage is ‘with-seed’ equanimity; the second is ‘seed-free’ equanimity.

In with-seed equanimity, the aspirant has union with God but still has mind. Seeds of desire still remain.

In seed-free equanimity, the mind itself (the desires and the willful activities to satisfy them) is dissolved away through surrender to God. The mind becomes no-mind.

Patanjali states in the Yoga Sutras:

“Equanimity is when that which is meditated upon shines only in its true form, as if in a void.”

When in the state of equanimity, both the sun and the moon energy channels are closed-- when breathing in and breathing out are stopped-- then neither day nor night remain, so it is said that the very kind flow devours time/death.

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The Nature of Comparison-Free Equanimity

Hatha Yoga Pradipika Verses 4.106 through 4.113; Revealing the Secret p. 153

The yogi in the beyond-mind state does not ever hear a conch shell, a dream, or any other divine sounds. In that state, his body, without doubt, becomes motionless like a log, free from all states and devoid of all thoughts, that yogi becomes like a dead body; he is free while still alive—there is no doubt of this. Time/death cannot devour the yogi in equanimity and action cannot bind him. Not only that, he cannot be controlled by anything; the yogi in equanimity does not take heed of sound, tactility, visibility, savor, and odor, or self and other. He whose mental faculty is not sleeping, not awake without memory-and-forgetfulness, and not appearing and disappearing, is indeed free while still alive. Nor does the yogi in equanimity take heed of cold, heat, misery, happiness, respect, or disrespect. The yogi in equanimity is invulnerable to all weapons, beyond the control of all embodied ones, and uninfluenced by incantations and magic ritual.


Lord Lakulisha

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