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Memorial Slide Show

April 2007

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Yogeshwar Muni left the body sometime between 3:10 am and 3:15 am Sunday 24 June 2007 at his home in Merimbula, NSW, Australia, surrounded by close devotees.

A Memorial Service was held at 2:00 pm 3 July 2007 in the Clavering Park Memorial Gardens and Crematorium chapel in Wolumla, NSW, Australia. The cremation of the body followed after the service.

His ashes will rest in a simple shrine in a nearby rural area on Mumbulla Creek Rd in Tanja, NSW, Australia, for the purpose of yogic inspiration.

Tribute by Guru Brother Yogi Amrit Desai

Dear Disciples of Yogeshwar Muni,

It is with a saddened heart that I hear the news of the Mahasamadhi of Yogeshwar.

I always hold my memories of Yogeshwar as being very kind, loving and supportive of me.

Whenever there was an occasion for me and Yogeshwar to meet we always shared our views and vision for bringing the authentic voice of yoga to western society.

I always think of him as robust, healthy and vital, enthusiastic and dedicated to establishing Tantric Kundalini Yoga into mainstream western culture.

His pioneering work to promote and preserve the authentic voice of Kundalini yoga through his Natural Meditation website has provided a unique contribution to fostering and nurturing his vision for a global yoga community. And his spirit will continue to guide and sustain his vision of yoga through the organization that he founded.

The spirituality that he practiced and provided to the world is an unparalleled model that will be an inspiration to others for years to come.

Yogeshwar's passing will leave a void in the spiritual community around the world. It is a great loss for all of us.

Saddened by his loss,

Yogi Amrit Desai

Yogeshwar's Last Days
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Sunday 24 June 2007
Merimbula, New South Wales

Yogeshwar Muni left his body sometime between 3:10 and 3:15 am today.  His passing was personal for each of us gathered around him.

It was a passage both in time and out of it. After months of excruciating pain, limited mobility and weakness, he left the physical body. Even after he appeared to ‘quit the body,' there was continued movement, animation, and a subtle superimposition over his physical body or a transformation coming from within it.

He was in ecstatic mode, eyes fully opened turned upward, his hands poised/animated beatifically in subtle song over his heart, his mouth apparently moving whispering (into the inner ear) compelling attention with: ‘more than I ever imagined,' ‘I am with you always,' ‘the truth of yoga.'

Listening actively and present in his way, the immediacy of his expression stirred profound depths imprinting and activating deep memories: ‘Listen, I'm telling you now.' His visage turned a tinge of grey and then to a translucent frosted marble. He rests in peace, his physical body on the pallet just as he left it. Multiple intensely varied lifetimes have culminated in the quick of ecstatic love.


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Tribute from Darshana

2 July 2007

Yogeshwar went into Mahasamadhi on Sunday 24 June sometime between 3.10 to 3.15 am Sydney time. It was very inspiring, powerful and beautiful. He was with God and also with us. The last few days of his body's life he was in constant meditation in a repeating cycle of asana and mudra followed by intense peaceful stillness. Near the end, his eyes looked upward as if in communion with God and stayed there unblinking for perhaps twenty minutes. We all lost track of time. When the breath stopped the love that is him seemed to be no longer confined to the body but to spread to encompass us all. There was a feeling of great joy and peace, and of him! I still feel his loving awareness and his constant blessing whenever I stop busy activity for a moment and open up to God. He is helping me on my path of yoga.

We don't know the cause of the body's death because he didn't seek the help of Western medicine, but he had an intense crisis in the ajna cakra affecting his ability to eat and drink, and the body became extremely thin. Because of various unusual events occurring in his yogic practice, he thought the thinness was really due to the purification of yoga, and the body would either live or die. He said "Divine body regardless." I asked "Regardless of whether the body lives or dies?" and he said "Yes."

The body will be cremated Tuesday at about 3.30 pm and the ashes will be placed in a stone cairn built to hold them by a stone mason on his land just north of Merimbula. The cairn will be up from the stream near the trees as Yogeshwar requested. He didn't personally care about his body's remains, but requested these arrangements so people could go there and visit and it would be an inspiration to yoga.



Tribute from Biljana Percinkova
2 July 2007

Dear Yogeshwar,
Just the same as Narada said to his beloved Gurudev,
I say unto Thee:

Wise Teacher
You answered and inspired me!

The Universe is too magnificent to be just analyzed –and too brilliant to be just adored. The bird cannot fly with just one wing. Who incarnated this better than you?
You – LI – The Knower and
You – LA – The Known.
LILA : LI and LA – the knower and the known
Interwoven together into Oneness and Eternal Love.

You have shown to us that quiet corner where the Eternal fight between the two Giants:
Science and Spirituality stops.
Great is Your contribution to Humanity.
God is One and Many.

Your LILA encompasses the entire Universe as a transparent shimmering of the Divine, of Primordial Purity.

Your precise scientific definitions molded into Perfection
Your ingenious charts of the basic attributes of Time, Space, Motion and Consciousness
Your diagrams of the very first nanoseconds after the Big Bang so originally derived
The subatomic particles dancing the Eternal Dance of Shiva The Dancer
Your Path to Perfection carved step by step with Mathematical Precision

Your LILA !! What a magnificent Monument! Your Paradigm will live Forever
Paradoxically finding its way out of the Illusion of Time.

I will never forget my 102 hours with You – and will do whatever is in my power to make the Science of Lila known to the scientific world. I feel privileged having the opportunity to receive such a Superb Knowledge directly from You and the beautiful people around you.

May You rest in Peace,
Biljana Percinkova

Flaxley, South Australia

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